Friday, October 23, 2009

Passionate Warrior

· God has given us gifts, He’s given us passion , He’s given us abilities, He’s planned us specifically at this time and place so that He could use us. He has a purpose for our lives, every warrior has a cause to fight for. We can’t only fight, until we don’t find the cause for which we have to fight for, we can’t truly live. Sometimes we feel hopeless and we wake up every morning with an empty feeling inside, that’s because we don’t have a cause , we don’t know what we’re living for. If we are willing to give up our dreams , our plans to Him, He will be able to do great things in us. Often we try to find the cause of our lives in our job, in our marriage, in our own plans, in our financial success. What’s interesting is that , if that is the main cause we’re fighting for, then the more we get these things, the more miserable we become.

· We need to understand that we are created beings, we have a creator . We didn’t come out of no where. This God created us for one purpose, to have an intimate relationship with Him and to worship Him. That is the original plan. That’s what we were created for .

We were created to be eternal beings, that’s the original plan…and what do we do? We live and fight for the things of this world.

· The first and the last thing Jesus said publicly : “Go and make disciples, tell them the good news” , what do we do? Ignore this commandment and live a selfish life.

· We’re fighting for the wrong cause, we’re living with the wrong priorities, as a result we will never be satisfied and find our purpose in life.

I In one of the speeches made by John Eldrege he said, “the universe is so vast and ageless, that the life of one man can only be justified by the measure of his sacrifice.

· My question is: How much are we willing to sacrifice for God? (this is a quote I used from my nephew Reisy) How much are we willing to live a selfless life and sacrifice our time and comfort for the sake of others? How much are we willing to sacrifice, to tell the good news to the people who don’t know Christ in spite of the mocking and the rejection? How much are we willing to sacrifice to live everyday not just fitting God into our agenda but making Him the center of our everyday life and giving 100% of our lives to Him?

· If we are willing to sacrifice our life for the purpose of living for the right cause, God will do great things in our lives. He will do things that you thought were impossible.

· What causes are you most passionate about in your life right now?

· Take a moment to meditate on this verses and ask God to give you the right cause to fight for...

John 10:10

· Luke 4:18

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